Less conspicuous but still cheap – Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines

Less conspicuous but still low priced – Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines

Dear deal hunters, in terms of low-budget trip provides, numerous usually think straight away about such companies as Ryanair or Wizzair whereas its worthwhile to devote some awareness of various other carriers that might never be present in the news headlines to these types of a degree while the noisy PR stunt huge Ryanair. Let’s take up the main topic of two carriers from German-speaking nations and examine whatever they have to give for all of us – low-budget travellers: Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines.

Title regarding the first-mentioned provider betrays its origin, at the least in ways. Certainly this company has its own head office in Berlin today nevertheless the company had been created in Oregon. At the moment, the lion’s share of Air Berlin’s most important airports can be found in Germany, a country which plays an important role in the organization’s course system but Air Berlin is not a good choice just when it comes to flying across Germany. The path system includes over 150 spots and includes some

long-haul flights to Africa or perhaps the United States. The many locations, conveniently found harbors of deviation and affordable fares make Air Berlin a great choice for European travellers.

In order to present a good example: a fare Vienna – Cairo in October 2010 will cost you below euro200. That could be attractive for travellers from both Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Finally, Air Berlin launches occasionally instead extensive offers so we do not have to look a long way away discover one – recently the carrier involved had a massive sale while many as 1 hundreds of thousands seats presumably were on sale. Even though it is tough to verifie the numbers – the one thing is yes – atmosphere fares across European countries, e.g. Milan – Dusseldorf, beginning at euro29 are not that tough to get hold of.

The 2nd company we would like to quickly discuss is Austrian Airlines. Today, this carrier cannot fall under the sounding low-budget airlines nonetheless it does not mean we must stay away from it. Firstly, in order to offer you a sense of Austrian Airlines – it’s a scheduled airline present at the aviation market since 1957. It offers a route community which covers all Europe plus some much more distant airports, such as for example Toronto, Dominicana, Tokyo or Tripoli; on the whole some 117 locations.

So that the route network resembles that of Air Berlin whereas the average prices are decisively higher nonetheless it does not also have to-be the scenario. The search term is «Red Ticket». This might be a sort of standing promotion with fares between cca euro60 and euro200 for round-trips from Austrian Airlines’ hubs to numerous European spots in accordance with suitably higher prices for even more remote destinations. Quite simply, we just who choose not to ever clear our wallets, should consider the «Red Ticket» advertising whenever entering the webpage of the company.

We hope that short introduction to Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines may help every body who hitherto haven’t flied with these companies.

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